The Yup’ik Republic

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Alaska Purchase and the Yup’ik Republic


On March 30, 1867 in Washington D.C. after an all-night negotiating session between the United States Secretary of State William H.Seward and the the Russian minister to the United States Eduard de Stoeckl, the Great nation of the United States of America purchased from the Empire of Russia the regions known as Russian America, the Russian colonies northwest of the British Columbia territories. The region from now on will be officially named as the Department of Alaska. The price was set at $7.2 million, or about 2 cents per acre.

During the negotiations, the representatives of His Imperial Majesty Tsar Alexander II and of his excellency the president of the United States of America Andrew Johnson received a delegation of representatives on behalf of the Yup’ik people, an Eskimo tribe that has for centuries occupied lands in both Siberia and Russian America. Their request for an indivisible independent state was met, since both parties involved in the treaty recognised their claim to be valid. Therefore, from now on and -quoting the wishful thoughts of the Yup’ik leader Audrac Takumjenak- “till the end of time,” the newly-formed Nation will bear the name of the Yup’ik Republic. The territories that will form the land mass of the newly-formed country include the islands of St. Lawrence, St. Matthew and  Nunivak, along with the delta of the Yukon river, and the eastern part of siberia, thus giving to the Yup’ik official naval control over the Bering sea, a naval region ruled by their ancestors for centuries.  

The Daily Globe, 1 April 1867

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