pentelicon project

As a side effect of the homogenization occurring throughout the world’s cultural spectrum, there is a worldwide orientation towards renegotiating local traditions-in the need of a society not to function as a poor relative of the dominant empire of intellectual production, but as an equal diversified commensal.
Within the social turmoil experienced by Greece, and as a result of the crisis of national identity, there is an appropriation of images which are associated with the civilizations that were developed in the broader hellenic world. The absurdity of this hijack, which aims only to propagate a lust of the visual, ignoring the substance of past teachings, makes us wonder whether it is valid for modern society to try defining itself culturally, based on the fact that it happens to be placed at the same latitude and longitude with older, extinct by time, civilization.
Digging for marble to a part of the mountain that has been dried for centuries, looking for a past, mimicking a route that today does not mean anything. Simply reminds the ancient path, a process that has no impact today, it only aims to the failure of the project.

Alexis FIdetzis Pentelicon FidetzisAlexis2