Alexis is an artist based in Athens, Greece, where he was born in 1987. He really wants to be a historian, but until then he is creating art mainly based on historical research. He proudly holds a BFA in painting from the Athens School of Fine Arts and an MFA from the Pratt Institute in New York City where he explored research based art focusing on art and geopolitics. 


2017–2018:   MA Prerequisite Course, History of Cultural Politics, University of Athens, Greece
2012–2014:   MFA in Research based Art / Integrated practices,  Pratt Institute, Brooklyn , New York
2008–2009:   Painting and Stage Design, Academy of Fine Arts, Munich, Germany
2006–2011:   BFA in Painting and Art Education, Athens School of Fine Arts, Athens, Greece

Awards and Fellowships

 2018:  Art-Works Fellowship, supported by the Stavros Niarchos Foundation, Athens, Greece
2014:  Graduate Fellowship for Academic Excellence  Pratt Institute, Brooklyn, NY
2014:  Presidential Merit Award, Pratt Institute, Brooklyn, NY
2013:  Attica Tradition Foundation scholarship, for studies in the U.S.
2012:  Onassis Foundation scholarship, for studies in the U.S.
2008:  Greek State Scholarships Foundation, Erasmus Scholarship for studies in Germany


2015: Narrations about the Greek Sun, Daysign, Goethe Institut, Athens, Greece
2013: The Tower of Babel Project, Edition of 200, Deuxpiece, Basel/New York

Selected Shows:

2018: The European endemic species, Yeni Jami, Dimitria 2018, Thessaloniki, Greece
2018: Volax Blind Date, Volax Folk Museum, Tinos, Greece
2018: Homo Sportivus, House of Cyprus, Athens, Greece
2018: #Fidetzis #Sklavenitis #Stafylakis at V. Vlastaras’ Condensation Cube, ISET, Athens
2017: “Politics of Lies”, Circuits and Currents, Athens, Greece
2017: “Puerto Rico”, Nick Boricua Museum, Athens, Greece
2015: “Omonoia”, Athens Biennale -AB5to6, Athens, Greece
2015: “Luminous Flux”, Kornilakis building/Syros institute Residency, Ermoupolis, Greece
2015: “Babel Fragments: Revisited”, Metamatic: Taf, Athens, Greece
2015: “Book Show”, Lage Egal, Berlin, Germany
2015: “Babel Reloaded”, Deuxpiece, Basel, Switzerland
2015: “Curated By NoLIta”, the Nolitan, New York, NY
2014: “Crisis and Paganism”, Galerie Vanessa Quang, Paris, France
2014: “Methods of Social Engineering”, Dekalb Gallery, New York, NY (solo)
2014: “Archives of the Collective”, The Boiler Room/Pierogi, Brooklyn, New York
2014: “The Pentelicon Project”, Orizontas Gegonoton, Athens, Greece  (solo)
2013: “The Tower of Babel Project”, Deuxpiece Gallery, Basel, Switzerland  (solo)
2013: «Proudly Present», Kunstraum Riehen, Basel, Switzerland