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The Boundary Treaty of 1881

The Boundary Treaty between the Argentine Republic and the Republic of Chile took place in Buenos Aires in 1881. After agreeing on the 5.500 Km shared border between the two Nations, the committee led by Argentinian Internal Affairs Minister Bernardo de Irigoyen and Chilean Cansul General Francisco de Borja Echeverria met with a delegation of the indigenous population of Tierra del Fuego.  This delegation was led by Orundellico, a direct descendant of Jemmy Button, the first civilized Yahgan, representing the tribes of Yahgan, Ona, Haush and Alacaluf. The committee decided to support the claims of the Fuegian People for an undivided sovereign Nation.

The new Nation formed under the blessing of Chile and Argentina consists of the 4 major islands of the Beagle Canal: Isla Navarino, Isla Picton, Isla Lennox and Isla Nueva.

It is to be named the Beagle Republic, in honor of the Beagle Canal, the Doorway to the West, a Passage of which the indigenous people of Tierra del Fuego have been rulers and protectors for the past 10.000 years. The Beagle Republic Declaration of Independence was signed by the three parties on the 23rd of June 1881, giving a fair solution to the territorial disputes between Chile and Argentina regarding the regions of Southern Patagonia, as it provided the people of the region with the necessary authority to protect and preserve their lands and their cultural heritage.

The Reuter’s Telegram Company for the Buenos Aires Herald

December 1881

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