ati (or, a walk of shame)

3 channel video installation, 2 horses

This particular project uses three instances of the history of Aegean island of Paros in an attempt to point out alternative narratives relating to the Parian marble and the importance it brought as a material to the inhabitants of the island in three separate historical periods as recorded by three European travelers between the 15th and the 18th century. By presenting versions of the island’s everyday life before the native population began treating the island’s archeology as a source of pride, the project attempts to highlight issues of targeted modulation of the local collective identity fueled by outside expectations.

Performance documentation, Marpessa, Paros, Summer of 2017. Through their  route, the riders would connect the 3 channels of the video piece.

Video stills from 3 separate video channels projected on the walls of Marpessa.

Full videos available upon request.