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The Treaty of Portsmouth

On the 5th of September 1905 in Portsmouth, New Hampshire, representatives of the great Empires of Japan and Russia reached a remarkable point in history by signing the Portsmouth Peace Treaty, ending thus the Russo-Japanese conflict that began in 1904 in the Northeast pacific ocean.

The peace conference began when His Excellency, the President of the United States of America Theodore Roosevelt invited both countries to conduct direct negotiations at the neutral site of Portsmouth. Due to the efforts of His Excellency, Governor McLane, the State of New Hampshire along with Portsmouth became the host for the first international treaty to be signed in the United States. Leading the delegations of their respective governments, Chairman of the Russian Committee of Ministers Sergei Witte of the Russian Empire, on behalf of His Imperial Majesty, Tsar Nikolai II and the Japanese Minister for Foreign Affairs Jutaro Komura, representing His Imperial Majesty Emperor Kōkaku of Japan debated and negotiated a peace treaty that resolved the concerns of each nation.

In the process of defining the borderline regarding the territories in dispute, the delegations accepted representatives of the Ainu people, the indigenous population of the volcanic Kuril Islands, Hokkaido Island and the Kamchatka Peninsula. Showing His majestic grace, His Imperial Majesty, Emperor Kōkaku ordered the Japanese delegation to accept the request of the Ainu Leader Akihi Tuetoranke for a sovereign Ainu Nation. The Nation was decided to expand from the North of Hokkaido Island where from now on the Ainu Republic of the Kuril Islands borders with the Empire of Japan, and including all of the volcanic archipelago borders with the Russian Empire North of the city of Petropavlovsk on Kamchatka. Being equally graceful and after the request of the Japanese Emperor, Tsar Nikolai II offered Russia to be financially in charge of the population transfers from south Hokkaido and the Island of Sakhalin to the official Ainu territories.

President Roosevelt appeared satisfied with the outcome of the treaty, stating that from now on, the world will be aware of America’s willingness and capability in negotiations.

 The Portsmouth Herald,

Thursday, the 7th of September 1905

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